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Do you want to start doing 100 push-ups or more but just can’t get started or find the right program? We will help you achieve this cherished goal! We will provide you with only the most reliable and proven training programs, which are recommended by sports experts from all over the world.

The result is based on four principles

No matter what shape your body is in right now, we can still teach you how to do push-ups!



It is important to approach training with full dedication and responsibility. We don't accept excuses!


Meal Plan

Although our programs are not aimed at losing weight or gaining weight, you still need to eat healthy.

19-Fitness Planning


Start keeping a journal of your results and we'll see how your goals change.

7-Fitness Planning


You should think positively about training. If you have a negative attitude, it will most likely have a bad effect on the result.

Start training right now!

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Who makes the programs?

We have the answer to this question! We will tell you how training programs appear and who creates them.

Only experienced trainers

All programs are created only by professionals who have the appropriate titles (certificates, diplomas, scientific works) in fitness and sports in general. These are coaches, professional athletes. They all work together to help you achieve better results.

Success stories

People like you! Real results, spectacular changes. See what others have to say about their experience with our coaching service.

"The Personal Trainer program made getting in the best shape of my life really fun. The recipes are tasty and easy to cook!"

Mariana Lima


"Thomas has completely outdone himself with this course. Efficient workouts, delicious recipes and support!"

Jon Pata


"I was so excited to start changing my life! Everything is so easy to understand and apply even for a beginner like me!"

Sandra Lee


Become part of a team that managed to achieve a goal!

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